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Pork Shares Now Available For Pre-Order

We sell our pork as whole and half shares. We price our pork shares at $3.50 per pound (hanging weight) plus butchering fees, which cost around $120 per half share. Typical half-share hanging weight is around 100 lbs. This means a 100-lb half share will cost approximately $470.

In order to sell pork in the state of Wisconsin, it must be butchered at a USDA-inspected facility. Your pork share will be butchered and available for pick-up from Geiss Meats in Merrill, Wisconsin. Local delivery may be available on a limited basis for an additional fee.  

We match the number of piglets we buy to the number of orders we have. To reserve your pasture-raised pork share, please provide a $100 deposit before June 1st.

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