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Our Pigs Are Here!

Last weekend I tagged along early Saturday morning when Dustin drove down to Loyal, Wisconsin to pick up four piglets to bring back to Orange Dog Farm.

These little guys had been living next to their mama in a pen inside a barn, so I think they were pretty stoked to explore their new grassy environs upon their arrival.

They are still a bit shy, but very curious. And I, like the worst farmer in the world, have been working on coming up with the perfect name for each one of them. Yeah, I totally realize it's not the best idea idea in the world to name the animals that you (or others) are going to eat. Well, at the very least, I can assure you I won't be naming any of them Wilbur.

So far, they seem to be enjoying their new home in the Northwoods. They've been rooting around, and have proven to be big fans of getting sprayed with cool water on some of the hotter days we've been having of late. Looking forward to seeing these guys grow big and strong!

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