2019 Pork Shares Are Available For Pre-Order!

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We sell our pork as whole and half shares. We price our pork shares at $3.50 per pound (hanging weight) plus butchering fees, which cost around $150 per half share. Typical half-share hanging weight is around 100–115 lbs. This means a 105-lb half share will cost approximately $515.

In order to sell pork in the state of Wisconsin, it must be butchered at a USDA-inspected facility. Your pork share will be butchered and available for pick-up from Geiss Meats in Merrill, Wisconsin in early October. Local delivery will be available on a limited basis for an additional fee.

Please contact us (orangedogfarmWI[@]gmail.com) to reserve your pasture-raised pork share. Each share requires a $150 deposit.

What comes in my box?

Following is an example of the types of cuts and quantities you should expect from your half-share. We aim for a hanging weight of at least 100 lbs per half-share. Our butcher will guide you through selecting your cuts, trim options (e.g., brats, bacon, ground pork, breakfast sausages, etc.) and their packaging. We can also make arrangements post-processing if you would prefer to butcher your half-share yourself.

Sample Half-Share

Hanging weight = 106 lbs
Total packaged-meat weight: 77.25 lbs
Selected Trim options were brats and ground pork

2 hams: Average weight 9.5 lbs

10 packages of ¾” pork chops (packaged in 2s): Average weight 1.4 lbs per package

2 picnic roasts: Average weight 2.4 lbs

2 packages of ¾” pork steaks (packaged in 2s):  Average weight 1.8 lbs per package

Spareribs: 2.60 lbs

Butt roast: 2.05 lbs

7 packages of brats (6 brats per package): Average weight 1.55 lbs per package

10 packages of bacon: total of 9.55 lbs of bacon

11 packages of ground pork: 11 lbs (1 lb per package)